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It is our goal to improve public access to town records. On this page are links to various forms, reports and ordinances. If there is a document not available here and you think it might be helpful, please let us know.


All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Policy 2001

All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) & Snowmobile Policy 1985, 1987

Class 4 Road Policy

Complaint Form

Dog License Form

Dog Ordinance & Leash Law

Driveway Culvert Policy

Employment Application

Excess Weight Permit Application

Junk Ordinance

Loitering Ordinance

Mailbox Replacement Policy

Municipal Plan

Procurement/Purchasing Policy

Public Town Beach Ordinance

Road/Traffic Ordinance

Road & Bridge Standards

Road Naming & Numbering Ordinance

Town Hall User Agreement/Policy

VT Voter Registration Application

Water District & Town of Franklin Joint Agreement

Water Use Ordinance

Winter Operations Policy