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From the 2018 Town of Franklin Annual Report:



The Franklin Historical Society (FHS) is, once again, happy to report that 2018 was another productive year for our organization.   Our supporters turned out in grand style to help FHS have several successful events.  Our Board is as follows:  President, Bryant J. Reynolds; Vice-President, Kim Gates Maynard; Treasurer, Carole Richard; Secretary, Pam Greene and Documents Curator, Nancy Magnant. Sue Clark has stepped down as secretary after many years of outstanding service to FHS as President and Secretary but she continues to be a very active member! Other very active and supportive members are Dave Bennion, Burt Maynard, Carolyn Kittell, David Samson, Ruth Ann Krayesky, Larry Myott, Guy Roberge, Mariam Edele and Priscilla Tiralla.


Our projects for 2018 included the following:

      1.  We cleaned and opened the FHS cabin for appointed tours. Members conducted tours through the summer.

      2.  FHS provided a Doughnuts and Coffee Fund-Raiser at the LCCA's Community Yard Sale.

      3.  FHS also had a Pie-and-Lemonade-Fund-Raiser Tour at the cabin that same day.

      4.  We entered a float decorated with two new banners in the Franklin Memorial Day parade.

      5.  A historical slide show was presented at the LCCA Annual Meeting.

      6.  The President attended the County-wide Franklin Historical Meeting in Berkshire.

      7.  David Samson donated two new flags that Dave Bennion put up in the Town Hall.

      8.  Franklin Elementary School Fifth Grade Students toured the cabin in October.

      9.  The Town now has a website link to FHS.

      10. FHS also restored the Franklin Summer Schedule.

      11. The Ladies made period skirts for historical occasions.

      12. FHS presented THE SPIRITS OF FRANKLIN which was an overwhelming success with the additional participation of Vawn Edele, Paul Gates and Matthew Rainville.  

And very special thanks to Dave Bennion who built the switchboard and set.  And of course, FHS thank our great Town supporters!!! (DVDs of the show are available at the Haston Library.)


Some of the 2019 goals are:

      1.  FHS will do the Franklin Summer Schedule.

      2.  FHS will participate in the LCCA Historical Cottage Tour on July 27th.

      3.  We will attempt to convert historical VHS tapes to DVDs.

      4.  FHS is planning another "surprise!" for our great Town supporters!!!


      We cannot close this report without a special thank you to Guy Roberge for keeping the cabin grounds so well-manicured. Great job, Guy!

      Finally, as usual, FHS would like to thank everyone who helped us to keep Franklin's history alive in 2018. Please come and join us!!! FHS meets April thru October on the fourth Saturday of each month at 9:00 AM at the Franklin Telephone Office.



Respectfully submitted,

Bryant J. Reynolds