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***We are looking for community members who would like to volunteer in their community

by joining the Franklin Fire Department! ***


Members meet every Monday night at 6:30 p.m. at the Station. If you are interested in attending, or finding out more information, contact Fire Chief, Mike Lawyer at 285-2050.


Burn permits can be obtained from Burton Maynard, Franklin Fire Warden by calling 285-9911.

Fire Department Members



Brian Barnum, Past Chief

Janet Norcross

Greg Bouchard

Curtis Ploof

Philip Bouchard

Marshall Ploof, Past Chief

Scott Choiniere

Mark Racine

Bill Deuso

Nora Racine, JR Cadet

Howard Deuso, Assistant Chief

Justin Rainville, Past Chief,  Lieutenant

Eric Gerrard,  EMT 

Sara Rainville, Treasurer

Clark Hubbard

Brian Sartwell

Adam Kane, EMR &  Secretary

Justin Sartwell

Mike Lawyer, Chief

Mark Toof, AEMT, Captain

Tim Magnant

Hugh Gates, Honorary Member

Burt Maynard

Kyle Lothian, Honorary Member


Brian Paradis, new member