January 11, 2007

FELCO Room, Franklin Homestead


Present were David Breed, Neil Kamman, Barry Gruessner, Susan Warren, Dick Benton, Cynthia Gates, Peter Kittell, Chris O’Shea, Gilbert Dewing, Pauline Favreau, Paul Stanley, Chris Wagner, Jim Cameron, Branden O'Shea


Minutes from the November 9, 2006 meeting were approved as mailed.


Pauline Favreau provided the reported:

          $4.50 cash on hand

          $1837.56 checking account

          $3129.78 money market


Status of 2006 Grant Task


Water recycling project at Chris Wagner’s farm: Complete

Integrated crop management: Matched funds as requested

Septic tank pump-out: 13 campers, 3 watershed

Stream assessment: Brendan O’Shea completed work and presented final report at November 2006 meeting  


2007 Grant Request


          Grant request submitted prior to end of October deadline. Requested grant funds of $7200 against total estimated project cost of $14,300. Difference between requested funds and total cost is the matching funds that are required either in dollars or work in kind.                                          


Lake Carmi Water Quality Monitoring


          Neil Kamman presented an excellent summary of the testing done in summer 2006 and placed it in historic context. The report is not attached to these minutes due to its length. Contact Dave Breed if you desire a copy.

          Neil reported that phosphorous concentrations in the lake are mostly between 20 and 30 parts per billion. These are about twice the concentrations that we would like to see in the lake to obtain our desired water quality. Some conclusions he presented are,


          1. Nutrient concentrations are very high at times in the lake.

          2. The north-east cove shows potential evidence of internal nutrient cycling from the


          3. Concentrations of total phosphorous from the Marsh Brook are much higher than

               expected. Concentration from the other brooks is very likely higher still.

          4. Outlet total phosphorous concentrations approach astronomical.  Lake Carmi

               may be a considerable source of total phosphorous in the Pike River.


          This report will be a key element in developing a TMDL, total maximum daily limit, for phosphorous. This is a document that will be written by the Vermont DEC but will require local input. It will be a plan for restoring Lake Carmi to a level of phosphorous in the lake that promotes the desired water quality. Susan Warren from DEC was at the meeting and passed out sample TMDL documents for a lake similar to ours. David Breed and Jim Cameron volunteered to meet with Susan to work on a plan for the TMDL development.


With no further business, the meeting was adjourned. The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday March 8 at the same time and place.


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