A meeting of the Board of the Franklin Watershed Comm. Inc. was held at the Franklin Homestead, Franklin, VT.  The meeting commenced at 7:00PM.  Participants included:


Jim Cameron, President

Sue Clark, Treasurer

Pete Benevento, Secretary

Dick Benton, Interim Secretary/Director

David Breed, Director


The following was discussed.


  1. Hiring Update.  Four candidates for the part-time coordinator position will be interviewed on September 25th.  The interviews will begin at 6:00PM in the Felco Room of the Franklin Homestead.  One half hour has been allocated for each interview.  A list of interview questions was discussed and revised to reflect questions that will most effectively address the skills required for the position.  All candidates will be asked the same questions.  A copy of the Sec. 319 Grant (less Attachment B) together with a joint memorandum describing the mission of the FWC will be mailed to each candidate prior to the interviews.  The interview panel will consist of Jim Cameron, Sue Clark, Larry Myott, Dick Benton and David Breed.  Paul Stanley, Consultant to the FWC, will be asked to sit in at the interviews.  The panel will make a hiring recommendation at the October 9, 2008 FWC meeting.


  1. Sue Warren, VT-DEC, has not found a replacement for Barry Gruessner who was the former VT-DEC liaison to the FWC.  Sue will be contacting VT-DEC head administrator Julie Moore to discuss Barry’s replacement.


  1. Jim Cameron wrote a letter to Rick Clear of VT-DEC in support of the TMDL.  The LCCA will write a similar letter.


  1. Rick Hopkins, State Liaison for the Sec. 319 Grant was contacted.  The duration of the Grant was extended to 11/1/09.  Fringe benefits were set at $1,000.00.


  1. Insurance Update.  Insurance Agents Rick Green of Enosburg and Doug Spaulding of St. Johnsbury have been asked to submit premium quotes to insure the FWC.  Insurance must be in place before the State will disburse grant proceeds.  Grant proceeds should be received two weeks after an insurance binder is issued.



  1. A Town Auditor will review the financial records of the FWC in the presence of Treasurer Pauline Favreau and newly designated Treasurer Sue Clark.  Once this is completed control of the records will be transferred to Sue Clark.  New Signers to the FWC bank account will be designated and new bank signature cards will be recorded.


  1. A separate Federal E.I.# has been assigned to the FWC. 


  1. Federal Tax Exempt status for the FWC was discussed.  Pete Benevento will research the issue further.


  1. Oct. 3, 2008 is the deadline for applying for two State Grants to fund Organizational Support and Education & Outreach.  Dave Breed will review the Grant criteria to determine if the FWC should apply.


  1. Topics for the October 9, 2008 meeting were suggested.  They included:


The meeting adjourned at 8:30PM.


Respectively submitted:


Pete Benevento, Secretary

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