August 14, 2008

Dining Room, Franklin Homestead



Officers Present:  President -  Jim Cameron

                             Vice-President -  Larry Myott

                             Secretary -  Dick Benton  ( Two Months)

                             Treasurer -  Pauline Favreau ( Two Months)




Jim Cameron called the meeting to order at 7:00  P.M.


Dave Breed read the minutes from the last meeting.


Peter Benevento advised that he will be taking five more water samples before October.  Mrs. Rainville gave Peter permission to take water samples on her land. A suggestion was made that we make up a  form for permission to go on personal property. Can we use the same language that the Vast Organization uses? Also, keep Mike Benjamin informed as to what we are doing.  Results from the water sampling will not be available until early next spring. Paul Stanley suggested we have Neil Kamman attend our February, 2009 meeting with the update on the testing.  


 Discussion was held on what to do with the Northern End Beach.  Possibly the Town and the LCCA can combine funds to make the area more appealing for visitors and swimming.  Have Sue Warren come to our meeting to discuss “Shore Management”

September 6, 2008 will be a cleanup date for working on the North End Beach area. Everyone will meet at 9:00 A.M.


Dave Breed gave an update on the YCC.  Need to have a priority list .  Brendon O’Shea  to Co-od. Suggest Howard Roades area  and Marsh Brook area be included.


Discussion on Swamp Road Ditch. The town has armored the bottom in some places and seeded and multched the Banks.  Need better comunications between the town and the

Watershed  committee .


Dave Breed advised he had three responses to the Co-od’s. Job.  They will be reviewed at our Sept. meeting. by the officers.


Jim Cameron requested a special meeting on August 28th  to go over other Business Items.  No more than two hours.

Discussion was held on our Grant.  Jim Cameron and Rick Hopkins are working on it. Once the Grant is signed we get the first $10,000, However we must have our insurance before we get the dollars.  It was noted we can move 10% of our priorities without much of a problem, However, the Treasurer is to provide bills to go along with our plan.  Still following up on Insurance.  Hopefully we will have an  answer in a couple of weeks.  Jim Cameron will bring back info. to the group.


Dan Larivee was voted in as one of our directors.


Paul Stanley and Larry Myott are to send letters to Franklin Watershed land owners in regards to nutrient management plans for farms in the watershed.


A donation of $200.00 to the Franklin Homestead was approved by the Watershed members. 


Meeting Adjourned at 9:15 P.M.




                                                                      Respectfully submitted:



                                                                      Dick Benton


NOTE:  These minutes are not official until approved by the Franklin Watershed Committee at their next regular meeting, which is presently scheduled for September ll, 2008.

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