June 12, 2008

Dining Room, Franklin Homestead


Present were David Breed, Peter Benevento, Dick Lang, Pauline Favreau,

Barry Gruessner, Ray Hendrickson,

Dick Benton, Larry Myott, Paul Stanley, Jim Cameron, Ruth Ann Krayeskey



The treasurerís report was:


          $4.50 cash on hand

          $2661.30 checking account

          $4451.52 money market


at our last meeting it was suggested that we participate in additional volunteer sampling under the La Rosa grant. Barry Gruessner explained the desirability of the FWC to take on a project to complete the application for the sampling grant. There was discussion about sampling over the remainder of the summer, however, the timing did not seem to fit. Since we are doing on-going long term sampling and there are projects that have just been completed or are in the works like the Marsh Brook, Chris Wagner fencing, and work on the stream by the Rhodes camp it was decided to take this on as a project and to submit a grant request if we receive the requested Section 319 grant funding.


There was considerable discussion about the manure spreading on the Rainville land at the North end of the Lake by Mike Benjamin. Paul Stanley explained how the soil sampling is used and it was related that Mike had obtained permission to spread from the State.  In granting this permission additional samples were taken, however, Paul Stanley was not sure which test or even which lab did the testing. Paul had developed the nutrient management plan for the Benjamin farm but was left out of the loop over the request to spread manure there in May. It was reported that there were several calls made to the Vermont Department of Agriculture and other agencies. Dick Lang moved that he and Larry Myott draft a letter to the Secretary of Agriculture requesting a written explanation of the decision process followed in granting permission to spread manure. This was pasted with the amendment that those tow will draft a letter and have it available for review before sending.


The necessity of the FWC, Inc to elect officers and to operate in accordance with the adopted by-laws was discussed. It was decided that the July meeting would constitute the annual meeting for the Corporation and elections of officers would take place at that meeting. It was also decided to hold the meeting in the FELCO Room in anticipation of more people attending.


Pauline Favreau submitted her resignation as Treasure. It is with regret that we accept her decision and thank her for here dedicated years of service to Franklin Watershed Committee. We wish her and her family well.


Respect submitted,

David Breed, Coordinator


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