February 21, 2008

Dining Room, Franklin Homestead


Present were David Breed, Jim Cameron, Paul Stanley, Chris O’Shea, Brendan O’Shea, Dick Benton



The treasurer’s report was given by Dave Breed in Pauline Favreau’s absence.


          $1004.50 cash on hand

          $3940.01 checking account

          $3872.69 money market


A copy of the watershed area highlighting recent projects was passed around for comment and changes. Brendan O’Shea agreed to edit it for correctness and get the update to Susan Warren for finalizing.


Brendan O’Shea presented his final report on the Phase 2 Assessment he completed on selected segments of Marsh Brook and Dewing Brook. He discussed the use of drop structures on three head wall cuts as a way of stabilizing the Dewing Brook channel between State Park Road and Dewing Road. He also requested some paid hours to develop more detailed plans especially for Dewing Brook and the work needed to complete the bridge for the VAST trail over Marsh Brook. There was much discussion and Jim Cameron moved that we authorize 20 hours of Brenda’s time to 1) contact Jimmy Dewing to elicit his willingness to have drop structures installed in the brook as it flows through his pasture, 2) complete more detailed design on the structures if Dewing is agreeable, 3) to spend some time on the Marsh Brook work, and to 4) report back at the next Watershed Committee meeting with an update. This was seconded and was approved.




Respectfully submitted,

David Breed, Coordinator



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