November 13, 2008




A meeting of the Franklin Watershed Committee, Inc. was held at the Franklin Homestead, Franklin, VT. The meeting commenced at 7:00 P.M.



Officers Present:  President -  Jim Cameron                  Others Present:  Dave Breed

                             Treasure -   Susan Clark                                               Dick Benton

                                                                                                                   Peter Kittell

Guest:  Mary Clark, Premier Tech                                                            Chris O’Shea

            Dave Cotton, Waste Water Technologies                                     Paul Stanley

            Peter Mazurak, Cross Consulting Engineers                    Heidi Britch-Valenta                




 The following was discussed:


1.       Coordinator’s welcome- This was the first meeting with our new Coordinator.  Everyone had a chance to be introduced to Heidi Britch-Valenta  and to welcome her aboard the Franklin Watershed Committee as our new Coordinator.


2.         Septic discussion- There was a lengthy discussion on septic systems around Lake Carmi and how best to deliver a better knowledge to Camp Owners of the critical need to keep their systems in top working order.  Mary Clark and Dave Cotton provided information on septic system options. One promising option is community systems that could be used at a lower cost per camp than individual systems.


Discussion also touched on the use of  Die Tablets as a way to expose failed systems. This option was considered and action was postponed until it could be used as a part of a comprehensive program.


A septic survey was circulated and discussed. Heidi will work with campers in the spring to complete this.


Suggestions for future action included an educational fact sheet, informational presentation at annual meeting, gathering information regarding property value decreases due to pollution impact and increases values due to improved septic systems.



3.         Planning Meeting- A Date of January 10, 2009 was set to have a “Brain Storming Session” starting at 9:00 A.M. till noon.


4.         Treasurer’s report -Sue Clark gave the treasures report which was accepted.



5.         Coordinators report-

1. Much of Heidi’s time to date was spent getting acquainted with agency representatives, Town employees, and reviewing files.

2.  Selectboard meeting – Heidi attended the Selectboard meeting and discussed a request for information regarding a mulcher / seeder to handle erosion issues along roadside projects.

3. Heidi provided a job outline for clarification of her role as understood.

4. Plan for the upcoming month is to connect with farmers regarding upcoming meeting and land owners to receive permission to take water samples from private property.


6.         501 (c)3- David Breed is working with a company to complete paperwork for the 501{ C }{3} application. Goal is to have it by the end of November or the first part of December per Jim Cameron and then forward it to the IRS.


7.         Jim Cameron also advised we got a great deal on our insurance so we will now be able to get the first $10,000 of our grant money.  


8.         A date of February 7, 2009 was set for an “AGRICULTURAL MEETING” starting at 9:00 and going to 12:00 noon .


9.         Next meeting to be held on December 11, 2008 at 7:00 P.M. at the Franklin Homestead. 


 The meeting adjourned at 9:00 P.M.


Respectivfully submitted:


Dick Benton Acting Secretary in Peter’s absence



Note:  These minutes are not final until approved at the next Watershed Meeting.

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