The monthly meeting of the Franklin Watershed Committee Inc. was conducted at the Franklin Homestead, Franklin, VT. 


Board members in attendance were as follows:


Jim Cameron, President

Larry Myott, Vice President

Pauline Favreau, Treasurer

Sue Clark, Treasurer Designee

David Breed, Director

Dick Benton, Director

Pete Benevento, Secretary


Other Attendees:


Helen Dever

Ruth Ann Krayesky

Paul Stanley

Al Perry

Nate Sands, Dept. of Agriculture


The meeting commenced at 7:00PM.  The following transpired.


  1. Jim Cameron addressed the hiring process for the part-time coordinator position.  Four candidates were interviewed.  All candidates were asked the same questions.  As a result two candidates were identified as being best qualified for the position.  (At this point the hiring committee convened privately for approx. fifteen minutes to discuss the candidates.)  The general meeting then reconvened.
  2. The TMDL is presently at the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for approval.  Thus far the EPA has had no questions and formal approval of the TMDL is expected by December.
  3. There is no new information regarding replacement hires at the Agency of Natural Resources (ANR) for Sue Warren or Barry Gruessner.
  4. In reference to FWC, Inc insurance which is required by the Section 319 Grant Jim has received a quote of $2500.00 per year from an insurance agent in St Johnsbury, VT.  This is the same insurance agent used by the MRBA.
  5. Pete related that per an E-mail from Neil Kamman of ANR, Grant applications are due by Nov. 9th, 2008.  David Breed will E-mail Pete Benevento copies of the grants applied for last year.  Pete will also research what grants might be pertinent and available to the FWC.
  6. Larry Myott passed around a copy of the ANR quarterly newsletter, Out of the Blue.  Members interested in receiving the newsletter gave Larry their mailing address.
  7. Pauline Favreau gave the Treasurer’s Report.
  8. Al Perry made a motion to pay the Homestead $200.00 annually for use of the facility for FWC meetings.  Dick Benton seconded the motion which was unanimously carried.
  9. Nathaniel “Nate” Sands is the Agency of Agriculture’s representative to the Center for Clean & Clear.  Nate is an Agriculture Water Quality Specialist who has been assigned to work with the FWC.  Nate introduced himself and stated he was looking forward to working with the committee. Nate described his duties which included technical assistance to farmers to take advantage of financial assistance programs. 
  10. Jim stated that the November meeting will focus on a discussion of septic systems.  He stated that representatives of septic system companies will be invited to describe septic system options available to Lake Carmi residents.  This meeting will serve as a basis for a larger meeting to be conducted with residents next spring.
  11. Pete Benevento made a motion to make Sue Clark Treasurer.  Dick Benton seconded the motion.  Jim Cameron amended the motion to make her acceptance contingent on a satisfactory transition audit.  The motion was unanimously carried.


The meeting adjourned at 9:00PM.


Respectively submitted:


Pete Benevento, Secretary

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