MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 2007, AT 7:00 P. M.




PRESENT: Peter Kittell, Wayne Fiske, Jamie Boudreau, Sue Clark, Franklin Town Clerk, Lisa Larivee, Franklin Town Treasurer and Lynn Paradis.



     Peter called the meeting to order at 7:12 p.m.




     Town Clock: Sue informed members that there is a bill for light bulbs in the bills/orders.  She stated that Cliff has been purchasing and paying for them himself and this is the first time there has been a bill.  She stated that Scott was supposed to look into the painting of the town clock, but she has not heard back.  Peter stated the reason is that there are no funds in the budget this year for this project.


     Dumpster: Sue advised that the dumpster will be here for the month of September.


     Household Hazardous Waste: Sue informed the Board that Franklin had a good turn out for the Household Hazardous Waste day last Saturday.  There were more people from Franklin than from Highgate and she feels that the flyers that were sent out helped as there was a good turn out for both the spring and fall events.


     911 Address Wheel: Sue advised that Tim Sargeant has requested that the town purchase a new wheel for determining 911 addresses.  The current wheel is in poor condition and he believes it will cost about $100 to replace it.  Jamie asked about the wheel and Sue explained its purpose.  She advised that Tim wants the Board to approve it before he looks for a replacement. 


     Grant Workshop: Sue advised that she attended a workshop in Enosburg about cultural facilities as she thought we might be able to get something to help with the humidity control problem with the town hall, but because there are no extra funds in the budget they will not work on it this year.


     Town Plan: Sue provided members with a time table for approval of the revised Town Plan. Discussion was held on the time frame for review by the SB, notice to the Planning Commission of any changes and public hearing.  She informed that the revisions to the Zoning Bylaws also need to be done by November 14th.  Sue informed the Board that when the SB meets to go over the Town Plan, they will need to have notes and minutes.


     Wastewater: Sue stated she provided members with a copy of the most recent e-mail from Roger Thompson regarding the status of the wastewater rules.


     The Board thanked Sue and she exited the meeting.




     Lisa spoke to the Board regarding updating of the Maitland tax mapping project.  She advised they obtained the materials from Bruce Maitland.  The maps have not been updated for the past three years.  She informed that the program Bruce used is really outdated now, but they spoke with Bethany at Northwest Regional Planning, sent it down to Northwest Regional and they were able to run the program.  They, however, are not interested in taking on the job of updating the maps.  Lisa stated we need to determine whether we want to train someone in-house or hire it out.   She outlined the cost of training someone to do the work in-house as opposed to hiring it out and pointed out that we most  likely will need to purchase a computer as it might not be a good idea to put it on Sue’s computer which contains all the grand list information, town records, etc.  She stated we are looking at about $3,500 in-house and $25 to $30 per tax map if we hire it out.  She also noted that we raised the subdivision fee a couple of years ago in anticipation of updating tax maps. She pointed out that we do not have that many and it could be updated once a year.  She advised that she has been provided with a list of consultants who might be interested in doing this and asked if the Board wanted her to get quotes.  Wayne asked if she had checked with ASCS and she replied that she had not done so.  Lisa will check with ASCS and get back to the Board. 




     Reviewed and approved.  Lynn provided the Board with updated budget information which the Board reviewed paying particular attention to anticipated spending in areas that are near or at budget limits.  Lisa responded to questions from the Board concerning certain areas of funding.



      Mark Pfenning from Precast Concrete Products entered the meeting.  He provided Board members with some background information regarding his company and informed that they are a State AOT approved facility.  He informed the Board of several of their products/buildings located around the State.  He stated he spoke with Wayne regarding Franklin’s need for a salt shed and he came up with a plan which he provided to the Board.  He stated they recognize that the Board needs to look at present and future needs and  noted that this shed can be moved if necessary and can be added to if necessary.  He went over site preparation, dimensions and construction, flooring and the fact that the structure will not leak, which will satisfy State and Federal requirements/regulations.    Cost of the shed, site preparation, floor and roof were discussed.   Mr. Pfenning recommended that asphalt be used for the flooring as the salt will not penetrate it.  Mr. Pfenning responded to several questions from Board members and discussed other products available through his company.  Mr. Pfenning stated he would need a two week notice and the building could be erected in a day.  He explained the erection procedure to the Board which includes a pre-construction inspection of the site preparation.  The Board thanked Mr. Pfenning and he exited the meeting.




     Motion by Wayne/Jamie to approve.  Peter asked if there was any discussion or corrections and there was none.  All members voted in favor/minutes approved.




     Scott Road Turn Around: Peter advised that the landowner has not yet had the survey done as the original surveyor was not able to do the work.  He has found another surveyor, but at a much higher cost.  He is requesting a letter of assurance from the town before he invests money in the surveyor.  The Board agreed that it is a reasonable request and Peter will handle it.


     Route 120 - Lake Carmi Speed Limit: Hedge/shrubs have been cut back, but the resident still would like to see the speed limit lowered.  Discussion was held on how much to lower  the speed limit and where the reduced speed area would begin and end.  Wayne stated he would like to go down and take a look at the area and the Board tabled the matter.


     Dewing Road: Discussion held on the request to lower the speed limit.  It was noted there is only one home in the area.  It was decided to put up blind driveway signs.  Peter noted that the sharp curve signs still need to be put up.


     Dog: Peter informed the Board that he spoke with an unbiased party about the value of the turkeys and chicken that were killed by a dog.  They have determined that the turkeys were valued at $30 a bird and the chicken at $10.




     Roads: Wayne advised that stone and fabric have been put down on the Durkee Road.  The Barnum Road is pretty well done.  Peter stated he would like to see some gravel on the Dewing Road.


     Town Plan: After discussion, the Board decided it would meet in one week on Monday, September 17, 2007, at 7:00 p.m. to review the amended Town Plan.  The meeting will be held in the town offices.  It was noted that a public hearing would then need to be held.  Dick Gadbois will be contacted regarding the status of the revised Zoning Ordinance.


     State Septic: Peter stated that the Agency of Natural Resources has rewritten parts of the new septic ordinance and it will go back to the legislative committee next week.  It was noted that the legislative committee did not like the automatic conversion from seasonal to year round residences and sent the original proposal back to ANR.  We will have to review the proposal to see whether or not we want to proceed with the septic delegation.  It was noted that the State will not allow holding tanks.


     Salt Shed Design: The Board discussed the salt shed design that was proposed earlier in the meeting.  Members agreed that it would meet our needs with a slight alteration in the submitted plan.  Town employees can do the floor,  but will need to contact someone to put the roof on. It was noted that we already have the tin for the roof.   Wayne will check on the cost of pavement and with contractors who might be interested in doing the roof. 




     ZA Report: Report from Bob Irish on recently issued permits.


     Zoning Board of Adjustment: Copies received from ZBA of decisions in three recent cases.


     Camp Road Contacts: Per the Selectboard’s request, the Campers’ Association has provided  a list of contact persons for each of their roads.  Peter pointed out that the designated person is who we would deal with should the need arise.


     Thank You Note: Received from Campers’ Association for allowing them to use the Town Hall for their meeting.


     Correspondence: Regarding flood hazard meeting which will be held on October 15th.


     Better Back Roads: Grant information.  It was noted we already have two grant applications pending.


     Weed Harvester: Grant information received. 


     Carriage House: Financial report received. 


     Agency of Natural Resources: Pamphlets received for Board members to review.


     Correspondence: On Vermont Municipal Policy for Board members to review.




   The Board discussed drainage/water problems at the junction of the Webster Road and TH#3.  There were problems this past winter when snow built up in the drainage ditch which isn’t very deep.  Jamie feels that the offer made by Ray Hayes is not adequate and if the problem is not resolved it will be an ongoing maintenance problem for the town.   Wayne feels it will help if some top soil and grass are put in.  It was decided to ask Ray Hayes to put off any action until the spring.  The Board will have the highway crew pay particular attention to this area during the coming winter with regard to snow removal and plowing.  That will allow us to determine if we have issues and how much work will be involved in keeping the ditch open and preventing run off into the road.  Peter will contact Ray Hayes.




     Has been removed and Peter commented that there is now a nice view when you look up there from the town offices. 




     Will be held on October 8, 2007.


     Motion by Jamie/Wayne to adjourn.  All members voted in favor.  Meeting adjourned at 9:40 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,



September 11, 2007                                                                                                    Barbara M. Varin

NOTE: These minutes are not final until approved by the Selectboard at their next regular meeting.   Note: These minutes were approved by the Selectboard at their October 8, 2007 meeting.

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