MONDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 2007, AT 7:00 P. M.




PRESENT: Peter Kittell, Jamie Boudreau, Wayne Fiske, Lynn Paradis and Scott Choiniere.


     Peter called the meeting to order at 7:04 p.m.




     Peter provided members with a listing Sue provided of her concerns.


     Health Officer: Cynthia Gates who is the current health officer will be spending part of the year away from Franklin.  Board discussed replacement and it was decided that members would take care of any problems arising during her absence.


     Town Hall:   Sue called to the Board’s attention to a blown light at the town hall.  It was noted that the ceilings are about 20 feet high and a normal ladder does not reach.  Peter stated that he believes they used two ladders the last time and he will look into it.


     Rice Hill Speeding Complaint: Complaint had been received and had been discussed by the Board.  Highway crew was to cut brush along the area.  It was noted that the owners of the land have now cut and piled some brush of their own in this area.  Wayne suggested that we put up a curve warning sign.


     Town Plan: Sue reminded members that if the Town Plan is adopted tonight, they should all sign the adoption page at the back.


     Solid Waste Plan: Draft of the plan has been returned by the State and there are some areas that require work. 


     December Meeting Schedule: Sue asked the Board about their December schedule.  It was noted we usually have the regular monthly meeting and then schedule one for later in the month to approve bills and orders to close out the calendar year.  Members will discuss the date of the second meeting during the regular December meeting.




     Reviewed and signed.




     Motion by Scott/Wayne to approve.  Peter asked if there was any discussion and there was none.  All members voted in favor/minutes approved as presented.




     Webster Road: Wayne informed members that he personally went up to the area and there is a sign there which appears to give the impression that it is a private road.  Wayne spoke with the property owner and informed that it is not a private road, but a Class IV road and is open to the general public.  He noted it appears that someone has altered the area so that the lawn goes right over the town right-of-way.  There is a culvert there now which was not there previously.  The property owner stated they made improvements to the road and were told if they wanted to do that they can, however, that does not change the fact that it is a public road.  It was noted that the sign was not taken down, but has been moved.  Board authorized Wayne to remove the sign if the property owner has not done so.  Scott noted this is not the first time there has been a problem with this road and it might be necessary that we contact our attorney and write a letter.


     Town Plan: Peter asked if everyone had the opportunity to read the revised town plan.  Motion by Wayne/Scott to adopt the Town Plan.  Peter asked for further discussion and there was none.  All members voted in favor/Town Plan adopted.  Peter noted that it now has to go down to Northwest Regional Planning.


     Town Property: Polly Gadbois entered the meeting at this point.  She informed the Board that her visit is a follow up to the recent public meeting on the Town Plan where the town property was discussed.  She stated she presented to the Board on a couple of occasions back in 2005 the names of town residents and members from every committee in town (Selectboard, Planning Commission, ZBA, Fire, Rescue, etc.) who indicated they would be willing to meet and come up with suggestions regarding use of the vacant town property.  Polly stated she and Nat Worman would be willing to work together and get the committee going.  She provided Board members with a listing of those persons who had expressed an interest in serving on the committee.  She stated that not only would they like to discuss ideas regarding use of the property, but they would like to research and come up with possible grants.  She noted that grant monies were available in 2005, and they would like to research to see what might be available now.  She stated that to date most members of the community who have discussed the land with her are in favor of using it for recreational and open land.  Lynn expressed her concern that it is the only piece of open land within the confines of the town and she would like to see it remain available should we ever be required to put in a public wastewater system.  Polly noted that Brenda Wright is very knowledgeable in that area and she is willing to serve as a member of the committee.  Polly stated the committee will work together to come up with some reasonable ideas and will bring that information back to the Selectboard.  It was noted that Jamie in on the Committee as a representative of the Planning Commission; Peter wishes to remain on the Committee and Scott and Lynn both indicated they would be willing to provide some time if possible.  Polly noted that Barb Varin has agreed to take minutes of any meetings and those minutes will be provided to the Selectboard.  It was noted that the hay was cut on only part of the property this year as it was late in the season when it was done.  Hopefully, next year it will be cut early.  Polly informed that she hopes to have the first meeting in December if people have the time.  It is anticipated it will take time for the committee to research and come up with suggestions.  It was noted there may be scouts who would be interested in doing some of the work in that area.  Polly will contact leaders.  The Board thanked Polly and she exited the meeting.


     Septic Delegation: Peter informed members that we never made a decision as to whether or not we wanted to request a septic delegation.  Lynn, Scott and Jamie all expressed concern over the town getting involved in the “septic business” especially in light of the fact that the State rules do allow us to be involved in the process prior to a system being covered and there is an avenue for problems/concerns to be brought to the State’s attention.  The Board discussed some of the new rules regarding soils and engineering.  Septic delegation will not be requested.


     Financials: Lynn provided members with current/updated budget information.  Various areas were reviewed and discussed.  It was noted that at this point in time we appear to be in good shape. 


     Scott Road Turnaround: Proposed agreement and map were reviewed by Board members.  Discussion was held on the piece of property to be deeded to the town.  Concern was expressed over one area off the cul-de-sac which members feel the town does not need.  Peter will forward materials to the Town attorney for review




     Vacation Requests: From Highway Department employees.  It was noted that should it snow, they will be available.


     Haston Library: Sandra Rooney, the part-time assistant librarian, is leaving and a replacement is being sought.


     Uniforms: Information received regarding another company who will provide uniforms at a cheaper rate.  Scott suggested that we notify both companies and asked for bids.  After discussion, it was decided to discuss the matter with Lisa to see how much time is left on the old contract.  Peter will handle.


     Solid Waste Plan: It was noted that we must respond to the State by December 15th.  Discussion was held on joining Northwest Solid Waste.  Scott noted that we are not in the garbage business; and,  if you read the new plan it is more complex with the regulations being instituted by the State.  It will soon become more involved and the town has no one who is qualified or has the time to oversee it.  He noted that when their representative was here, he said we could spread the fee to rejoin out over a few years and then there would be a yearly fee of $1 per capita.  He noted this would cost us about $400 above what we already pay and he feels there are places in the budget where we can conserve to come up with this amount.  He noted that they would then be responsible for our solid waste plan, hazardous waste collections, recycling, various reports to the state, etc.  It was noted that we must respond to the State by the 15th of December.  If we do not have an approved plan in place, no waste from Franklin will be allowed at any site in the State of Vermont. We can then present a proposal on solid waste to the taxpayers at Town Meeting.  It was noted that if the taxpayers vote to rejoin, then the solid waste district would vote on whether or not to allow us to rejoin.  It would not be an automatic thing.

Peter will review the correspondence to see what we need to do.


     Grant Application: Regarding grant Sue and Lisa applied for and received.  Peter will talk to Sue about it.


     Correspondence: Regarding updating of 911 names and addresses.  It appears that no update has been done for about three years.  Peter will look into it.


     Correspondence: Update requested.   As discussed at a previous meeting, a resident was assessed a fine and there was $1,000 to be used on a conservation type project in the Town of Franklin.  Several suggestions were made, but not approved.  Peter discussed the matter with the Watershed Committee and they are involved in a project where kids from the Enosburg School are building a bridge as part of the Marsh Brook project.  This was approved and the funds will be used to purchase steel for the bridge.  Peter will check with the Watershed Committee to see how the project is coming and will respond to the letter.


     Correspondence: Regarding wetlands in a proposed subdivision project.


     Sidewalk Grant: Correspondence regarding this project.  We need to have a signed agreement by May 1, 2008.  Motion by Wayne/Lynn that we accept the sidewalk grant.  All members voted in favor/motion passed.  Peter will write letter saying we will accept.


     Correspondence: Regarding tax collections responsibility act.


     Correspondence: Regarding November 5th Wastewater Workshop.


     Correspondence: Regarding grants that have been awarded.


     Correspondence: Regarding Sartwell septic review.


     Correspondence: Regarding review of Town Plan by Northwest Regional Planning.


     Correspondence: Regarding new logo for Northwest Vermont Public Transportation Network.


     Correspondence: Regarding available essential services grants.



     Salt Shed: Wayne noted pavement was put down today.  Wayne noted we received higher priced concrete materials for the same price originally quoted.  Crew will dig holes to cement posts and Donald will finish putting up rafters and roof.


     Budget: Discussion held on beginning 2008 budget preparation.  Members will start initial work on projected projects at the next meeting. 


     Motion by Scott/Jamie to adjourn.  All members voted in favor.  Meeting adjourned at 9:10 p.m.


                                                                        Respectfully submitted,



November 12, 2007                                                                            Barbara M. Varin

NOTE: These minutes are not final until approved by the Selectboard at their next regular meeting which is presently scheduled for December 10, 2007.  Note: These minutes were approved by the Selectboard at their December 10, 2007 meeting.






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