MARCH 5, 2008 AT 7:00P.M.




PRESENT:  Peter Kittell, Lynn Paradis, Jamie Boudreau, Harvey Bushey, Scott Choiniere, Lisa Larivee, Town Clerk/Treasurer


Peter Kittell called meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.


Bills were approved and signed.


Discussion on the paving of remainder of Riley Rd with 2” x 20’ wide.  Morses Line Rd with 1” shim x 22 ‘ wide, fill holes with cracked rock, for approx 1 mile $40,000 quote.


Chairman – Scott Choiniere/Jamie Boudreau nominated Peter Kittell.  No other nominations or discussion. All in favor.


Vice Chairman – Jamie Boudreau/Scott Choiniere nominated Lynn Paradis.  No other nominations or discussion.  All in favor.


Road Commissioner – Jamie Boudreau/Scott Choiniere nominated Harvey Bushey.  No other nominations or discussion.  All in favor.


Peter advised that everyone needs to do a spring plan list for road work to be done which will be put together for the highway crew.  The Scott Rd turn-around will be a project to be worked on.  The turn-around will be approx. 150’ x 100 ‘ and needs gravel and ditching.


All letters on behalf of the Town will be written by Peter Kittell and approved by Lynn Paradis before being sent.


Kyle Lothian has voiced an interest in running the Weed Harvester for 2008.


Harvey Bushey has requested signs be put up at beginning of Hannah Rd advising “No Parking on or in Road”.  Zoning Administrator may need to issue letters of violation if parking continues, it is a danger to through traffic.


Discussion regarding the speed limit change for the Brown’s Corner Rd/TH#3.  Board would like to change to 45 miles per hour.   Dewing Rd residents would like to have the limit on that road reduced to 35 mile per hour to Berkshire line.  The Board will look into options on how to make the changes.


Harvey Bushey would like to get a petition started for repair to Rte 120 to send to the State Legislators.


Scott Choiniere/Jamie Boudreau authorized Peter Kittell to sign the Grant for Road Paving which has a deadline of March 14, 2008.


Jamie Boudreau/Lynn Paradis make the motion to adjourn at 8:25.  All in favor, motion passed



Respectfully, Lisa A Larivee

March 6, 2008

These minutes are not official until approved at the next meeting – March 18, 2008







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