Franklin Selectboard Meeting

March 5, 2007



The meeting was called to order at 7:35 pm at the Franklin Town Clerk’s office.  Polly Gadbois, Peter Kittell, Kimberly Gates Maynard , Wayne Fiske and Scott Choiniere were present.


Scott moved and Wayne seconded a motion to approve the February 12th minutes.  It was so voted.


Polly advised the board that Jennifer Bright has moved to Georgia, but is willing to continue serving on the Planning Commission.  Polly also provided the board with the names of two Franklin residents who have agreed to serve.  She believes that as long as we have Franklin residents willing to serve, they should be considered over non-residents.    


The board reviewed and approved the draft Polly prepared in response to Robert Irish’s letter which was presented to the board at the February 12, 2007 meeting.


Peter stated that the new septic regulation application will need to be filed out and filed with the state in April.


Article 4 of the warning was discussed.  Wayne reported that the old garage floor is cracking and heaving.  Four members of the selectboard were in favor of recommending to repair a portion of the old garage for cold storage and build a new salt shed in a new location.  One member was not in favor of that recommendation.


The bills and budget for the garage were discussed.  The final Labor and Industry inspection is scheduled for March 29th.  Wayne moved and Scott 2nd the motion to pay Rock Allen $6,500 and hold $635: Pay Gerard Tremblay $6,655 and hold $7,500; and pay Rainville Construction $15,000 and hold $9,791.25 until  after the final inspection and the project has been approved by Labor and Industry and the remaining items identified by the board have been completed.  The board is concerned with the ventilation system, the condensation in the building, and the door to the furnace room.  The motion was approved.


Polly stated to the board that she would be willing to continue the accounting of the garage cost through the completion of the project.  Approved by the board.


Polly presented an estimate of $359 for an enclosed automatic eyewash station that would rinse for 15 minutes.  No action was taken at this time.


The budget was discussed.


Kim reported that the Franklin United Church youth group was painting the screens for the town hall.  Clem Rogers will look at the options for attaching the screens.  There is some ice build-up on the roof above the stage.  Kim suggested that a cloth curtain could be installed to keep the heat off the stage.


The town clerk will forward minutes starting from last April to Janet Norcross to post on the website.


Scott Choiniere stated cost for joining the solid waste district???.  The initial fee would be $2.50/ capita and $1/capita annually.


Polly moved and Scott seconded that we adjourn.  So voted 9:30 pm.




Kimberly Gates Maynard

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