MONDAY, MARCH 19, 2007, AT 7:00 P. M.




PRESENT:   Peter Kittell, Jamie Boudreau, Lynn Paradis, Scott Choiniere, Wayne Fiske and Susan Clark, Franklin Town Clerk



     Peter called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.




     Chairman: Motion by Wayne/Jamie that Peter be appointed chair.  Peter asked if there was any further discussion.  No further discussion or nominations.  All members voted in favor/motion passed.


     Vice Chairman: Motion by Peter/Jamie that Scott be appointed Vice-Chair.   Peter asked for further discussion/nominations and there were none.  All members voted in favor/motion passed.


     Road Commissioner: Motion by Peter/Lynn that Wayne be appointed Road Commissioner.  Peter asked for further discussion/nominations and there were none.  All members voted in favor/motion passed.


     Clerk: Motion by Wayne/Scott nominating Barbara Varin as Clerk..  Peter asked if there were any other nominations and asked Sue Clark if she wanted to continue to do the minutes.  She responded that she did not.  All members voted in favor/motion passed.


     Meetings: Peter stated the next order of business is to establish the number of meetings to be held each month and the night.  It was noted that the Board has met once a month on the second Monday and on the fourth Monday when needed.  He pointed out that this is the busy time of the year with lots of things coming up such as the roads, zoning and the new septic provision and  it might be necessary to meet twice a month.   After discussion, it was decided to continue on the present schedule.  Meetings will be held the second Monday of the month and on an “as needed basis” on the fourth Monday.  Peter asked where the Board wanted to hold the meetings and it was agreed they would continue to be held in the school.




     Motion by Scott/Wayne to approve the minutes of the March 5, 2007 meeting.  Peter asked for discussion and Scott advised that Polly has requested several changes to the minutes.  He read the following submitted to the Board by Polly:


     Third Paragraph regarding Jennifer Bright should read: “Polly advised the Board that Jennifer Bright has moved to Georgia, but is willing to continue serving on the Planning Commission.  Polly also provided the Board with the names of two Franklin residents who have agreed to serve.  She believes that as long as we have Franklin residents willing to serve, they should be considered over non-residents.”


     Fourth Paragraph regarding the Robert Irish letter should read: “The Board reviewed and approved the draft Polly prepared in response to Robert Irish’s letter which was presented to the Board at the February 12th meeting.”


     Seventh Paragraph regarding the garage, she asked the underlined items be added.  Second sentence “...the final Labor and Industry inspection...”  Rainville Construction should be used and not Donald Rainville in Wayne’s motion.  After the Board talked about holding $9,791.25, it should read...“until after the final inspection and the project has been approved by Labor and Industry and the remaining items identified by the Board have been completed.”


     Eighth Paragraph regarding Polly continuing the account of the garage cost the words, “approved by the Board” should be added.


     Ninth Paragraph regarding the eyewash station.. “eyewash station that would  rinse for 15 minutes.  She will check OSHA requirements.”


     Last Paragraph - “Polly moved and Scott, 2nd, that we adjourn.”


     Peter asked if there was any discussion on the requested changes and there was none.  All members voted in favor/minutes approved with changes noted above.




     Motion by Scott to exit regular SB meeting and enter the Liquor Control Board meeting.  All members voted in favor and Liquor Control Meeting entered at 7:15 p.m.  Peter advised that there are two applications to be considered tonight - Byam’s Quick Stop and the Franklin General Store.  Motion by Jamie/Wayne to approve the application of  Byam’s Quick Stop.  Peter asked for discussion and there was none.  All members voted in favor/motion passed. Members signed application.  Motion by Scott/Jamie to approve the application of Franklin General Store.  Peter asked for discussion and there was none.  All members voted in favor/motion passed.  Application signed.  Motion by Scott/Jamie to exit Liquor Control and return to regular SB meeting.  All members voted in favor/returned to SB meeting at 7:20 p.m.




     Planning Commission: It was noted that Jennifer Bright is up for reappointment, however, she is no longer a resident of Franklin.  There are two Franklin residents who contacted Peter and indicated they are interested in serving - Clark Hubbard, Jr., and Dan Larivee.  Scott and Lynn both indicated they feel that these positions should be filled by someone living in town before filling them with non-residents.  Motion made by Wayne/Lynn to appoint Dan Larivee.  Peter noted that he has known Mr. Larivee a long time and believes he will do a good job.  Peter asked for further discussion and there was none.  All members voted in favor/motion passed.


     Motion by Scott/Jamie to reappoint Douglas Bradford and David Lucey to the Planning Commission.  Peter asked for discussion and there was none.  All members voted in favor/motion passed.


     Zoning Board of Adjustment: Terms of three members Chris O’Shea, Chris Wagner and Johanna Crane-Godin expire and they have all expressed interest in continuing to serve.  Motion by Scott/Wayne to reappoint these three members.  There was no further discussion.  All members voted in favor/motion passed.


     Motion made by Wayne/Jamie to approve the remaining appointments.  It was noted that the position of Town Energy Coordinator was previously eliminated and become the Emergency Management Coordinator to which Justin Rainville was appointed.  Peter asked for discussion and there was none. All members voted in favor/motion passed for the following appointments:


     Animal Control Officer: Jamie Boudreau  - $10 per hour, plus mileage

     Tree & Fire Warden: Burt Maynard

     Inspector of Wood & Shingles: Scott Choiniere

     Health Officer: Cynthia Gates

     Keeper of Street Lights: Burt Maynard

     Keeper of Town Clock: Cliff Bullis

     Town Services Officer: Cindy Samuelson

     Emergency Management Coordinator: Justin Rainville

     E-911 Coordinator: Tim Sargeant/Kim Gates Maynard

     Fence Viewers: Doug Clark, Dennis Demar, Adrian Rainville

     Weigher of Coal: Kim Gates Maynard

     Constable: Burt Maynard - $100 per year, plus mileage




     Workers/Town Meeting: $30/day

     Town Hall Rental: Fees set by Selectboard on Individual Basis.  Peter noted if it is a non-profit organization, there is usually no fee. 

     Mileage: Motion by Scott/Wayne to raise the mileage fee to $.35 per mile.  All members voted in favor/motion passed.

     Town Officers Meeting: Town pays fee and mileage.

     Civil Board Meeting: $6 per meeting; $7.50 hr. for tax appeals.  Peter noted that most of the time members do not charge, but some of the tax appeals get very involved and take a long time and some people charge for them.  It was noted that members count ballots following school and general elections and go down to MVU to help count ballots. 

     Permit Fees: It was noted that these fees were changed/approved not too long ago and they will remain the same. 

     Septic Fees: Will change.  On July lst, we will either take over all of it or give it all to the State.  Peter noted we have to hire a consultant to review plans.  Right now, we do single lots only, not multi lots, but if we take it over, we will have to do it all.  Peter noted that the consultant charges $100 an hour and each review will take about two hours for a fee of $200.  The town will have to have people there for the perc test and then people there later to test the system once it is installed.  He noted that Colchester is the only town that does it right now and they charge $400.  Sue asked if the Board was going to set fees for town equipment/employees.  It was decided that the hourly rates would remain the same except for the trucks for which the fee will now be $70.




     Sue advised that she has not yet had time to complete the minutes from Town Meeting.  She advised members that once she has completed them and they have been approved by the Moderator, they will be available in her office for members to sign.


     The board thanked Sue and she exited the meeting.




     Reviewed and signed.




     Town Garage Status: Peter advised that the Board has been considering placing a water line along the north corner of the building.   This would allow the crew to pressure wash equipment outside.  It was noted that Rock Allen has given a quote of about $600 for this work.  Members agreed that this seems high.  Jamie suggested that we contact other vendors as he feels it can be done much cheaper.   Scott suggested that we run a line ourselves or just use a hose as this would be mainly used in the summer.  Polly will be notified.


     Side Walk Grants: Peter advised that he was contacted by Bill Rose who informed him that he has found more monies ($250,000)  through a sidewalk grant and he wanted to submit an application.   The grant would be for sidewalks around Square Road and in front of the General Store.  It was due last Friday and he called Peter.  He was supposed to have it to the Town Clerk’s Office and it did not come.  Members authorized Peter to sign on behalf of the Selectboard should we receive the application.


     Solid Waste: Scott advised there will be a Solid Waste meeting on April 17, 2007 at 7:30 p.m. in Swanton.  He stated they would like to see at least three members of the Selectboard attend.  Scott stated there will be someone from the State and someone from Northwest Solid Waste there.  He explained that if we go with Northwest Solid Waste there would be an entrance and yearly fee of about $1.50 per capita which would be raised through taxes.  For the benefit of new members, Scott briefly outlined the current solid waste program including the household hazardous waste days and stated that Bill Rose would not move forward on our plan until we (the town) decided which way we want to go.  Peter noted that at one time (before he was a Board member) Franklin was a member of Northwest Solid Waste and opted out although he does not know the reasons behind that decision.  Scott will e-mail particulars of the meeting to members and it is hoped that at least three of the Board will be able to attend.


     Grader: Discussion was held on the grader and the recent repairs that were done to it.




     Tom Martin who resides on the Scott Road appeared before the Board.  Peter informed the Board that Mr. Martin owns land at the end of the Scott Road and town trucks have always turned around at the end of his land. A few years ago, another resident refused to allow town vehicles to turn around and the vehicles have had to back down and turn around.  Tom owns the house/property at the end of the road and would like to offer the town some solutions which he feels would be mutually beneficial to both him and the town.  The town road ends just before his house.   Mr. Martin provided the Board with a rough “sketch” of the area where he resides including possible future subdivision plans.  Members reviewed this sketch which Mr. Martin informed them was tentative.  He is open to ideas/solutions.  He explained how the trucks currently turn around and offered what he believes would be a better solution.  Discussion was held on the amount of space needed for both town vehicles and school buses to turn safely.  Mr. Martin outlined some road/fill work that would be needed.  He stated that his concern right now is that the area be safe enough for trucks, school buses and the general public.  He stated he is willing to do the survey part if the town picks up the excavation part.  It was noted that once the snow is gone, the Selectboard will have to arrange to go up there a look over the area.  Mr. Martin stated that the fact that he may do some future subdividing would have to be kept in mind as far as location of driveways, etc.  Peter stated he has dealt with giving up a road/trail, but has never dealt with taking over property and he has not yet had a chance to fully review the procedures/laws on it.  Peter stated we have to get together, come up there, review the procedures and then decide if we actually want to take it.   Mr. Martin stated he will leave the gates open once it has been deemed safe for school buses and town vehicles.  Mr. Martin stated that he has made disclosures in his real estate listings of the fact that this may happen.  He also asked about utilities should he decide to go ahead with subdivision plans.  He stated that should he decide to subdivide, he would be subdividing one lot at a time.   Peter responded that the town has allowed this in their rights-of-way before.  For now, Wayne will go up there and take a look to see if it is safe for the town vehicles and school buses.  Then when the snow is gone, the entire Board will visit the area, review the proposed plans and procedures and make a decision.  Scott noted that now that it is lighter longer, the visit could even be done in the evening.   Peter will have copies of the sketch made for all Board members.  The Board thanked Mr. Martin and he exited the meeting.


     It was mentioned that  Kevin Dansereau has offered his driveway, but it will require a culvert and gravel.  He would also give an easement.  It was pointed out that Ron likes the Martin’s option much better. 




    Grant:   Wayne advised that he has applied for a 20/80 grant in the amount of $90,000 for the Morses Line Road.  He noted that we are on a three-year cycle and may not get it, but if any other town decides not to participate we may have a chance.  He noted it would be for a shim and one inch overlay for 1.3 miles starting at the Highgate Town line.   Should we get the grant, we would have to come up with about $20,000 out of our budget.  Peter asked about signatures for the highway grant and Wayne advised that the application has been revised and only one signature is required.  The application was completed and sent in last Thursday.


     Guardrails: Wayne advised that he has found used guardrails for $8.75 a foot, but they want some type of commitment from us and want to do it by Memorial Day.   It was noted that the crew will have to remove the old rails and get the area ready and that might be difficult this time of the year.  If we can’t get the area ready for Memorial Day, they will put them in later.  Motion by Jamie/Scott that Wayne be authorized to sign the contract with Lafayette for the guardrails.  Peter asked if there was any further discussion and there was none.  All members voted in favor/motion passed.


     Septic Provision:   The new septic procedure was discussed.  Peter informed members that he would like to hire Bruce Douglas to help with the forms.  He stated Mr. Douglas is an engineer.  He stated he does not know how much the Board wants to spend on someone to help us.  Peter will talk to him and find out if he is willing to help us and what he will charge.  Otherwise, Peter will have to go ahead on his own and try to figure things out.  Motion by Wayne/Scott authorizing Peter to spend up to $400 to obtain the help of an engineer for the new septic system policy.  It was also suggested that Peter contact Northwest Regional Planning to see if help might be available through them.  Peter asked if there was any further discussion and there was none.  All members voted in favor/motion passed.


     Better Back Roads Grant: Peter advised that Chris O’Shea and he have prepared a grant to continue the work on Dewing Shore.  It was noted that the grant is for $7,000 and we must have twenty-five percent in kind.  Peter advised that the application is due March 30th and someone from the town will have to sign.  Motion by Scott/Wayne authorizing Peter to sign on behalf of the town.  All members voted in favor/motion passed.  Peter stated that Chris has also applied for the State permit and they tell you what you can or cannot do and when you can do it.  He gave a brief overview of the work done last year and some problems they have experienced.  Lynn asked if the work was to stabilize the road and Peter responded that it was. 


     TAC: Scott asked if someone would be interested in attending the TAC (Transportation Advisory Committee).  He stated that he is having difficulty attending on Thursday because of family obligations.  He gave a brief overview of the meetings conducted by Northwest Regional Planning .  Jamie stated he would be interested and Scott will obtain the necessary information for him and will contact Bill Rose to have him added to the mailing list.  Peter pointed out that we have one pending road project, the State Park Road/Route 120 project near Benjamin’s Barn.  For the benefit of the new Board members, Peter gave a brief description of this project.


     Weed Harvester: Peter advised that Polly completed and submitted the grant for this year.  We will need a Board member to supervise and Peter stated he would do so.  He noted that we will need an operator and we have already received one application. 




     Welder: Wayne advised that the old welder was damaged in the fire and a new one has been purchased and is in use in the garage.  Board unanimously authorized disposal of the old welder.


     Roads: TH# 3:  Peter reminded members that we will be taking over TH#3 and need to identify any problem areas.  Jamie described water problems that occurred at the junction of TH#3 and the Webster Road during the recent thaw.  Ditching and drainage along the Magnant property is not sufficient to handle the water.  Wayne outlined problems at the four corners near his place.  Discussion was held on curbing in that area and the fact that it is dangerous.  Wayne and Scott also pointed out ongoing traffic problems and suggested that law enforcement be contacted before there is a serious accident.  Peter will make law enforcement contact.


     Town Roads: Peter requested that members drive around and identify road problem areas and the roads most in need of attention.  Discussion was held on road repairs and Peter stated he would like to put down a layer of bank run topped off with stone.  Discussion was held on stone, gravel and chloride applications in doing repairs.  Wayne pointed out that the Board had previously discussed doing a “test repair” by putting down fabric to see if it works better and he would like to give it a try.  Peter stated that once we have identified the worst problem areas, we will draw up our road plan for the year.  Discussion was held on gravel and stone and whether it is more cost effective to screen it ourselves or purchase from local vendors.  Quality of the product available through various pits was also discussed.  Scott informed members that there is a road in Enosburg that was repaired and they did a good job.  He felt it would be worthwhile for members to take a look at it if they are up that way.  Peter noted that the Messier Road is in very poor condition and in need of attention as are the Middle and Dewing Roads.  It was noted that we did a lot of ditching last year because Wayne applied for and received a grant after the flooding.  Peter noted that we presently have about 18 miles of pavement and 22 miles of gravel roads.




     Correspondence: From Vermont State Police.  Meeting April 18, 2007 at 7:00 p.m. at  Swanton Village Complex Conference Room.  Some of the topics covered will be State Police staffing, public information services provided, community advisory board and update on criminal trends in the area.  Wayne, Peter and Scott plan to attend.


     Correspondence: Department of Child and Family Services regarding appointment of Town Services Officer who is Cindy Samuelson.  Motion by Scott/Wayne to have Peter sign.  All in favor/motion passed.


     Report: Robert Irish, Zoning Administrator, provided the Board with a report on permits issued in  the month of February.


     New Garage: Inquiry from Lisa regarding payment now that electrical and plumbing inspections have been done.  Scott and Wayne both expressed some concerns over what they see as problem areas that still need to be resolved (humidity fans, cold air and warranties from Rainville Construction).  Since Polly will continue to handle matters concerning the garage, these issues will be discussed with her.


     Solid Waste Grant:   Deadline March 30th.


     Correspondence:   From Vermont League of Cities and Towns regarding Selectboard Institute for March 31, 2007.  Peter informed new members that the town will pay the cost for the course and mileage for anyone wishing to attend.


     Correspondence: From Champlain Housing Trust regarding money available for people to fix up their houses.  Guidelines and information on loans.


     Correspondence: From snowmobile club thanking the town for allowing them to use roads.  Annual banquet will be March 3lst at the Abbey.  Peter plans to attend.


     P&L Statements:   Lynn has talked with Polly and she will be doing P&L for the meetings.  Discussion was held on the recent misappropriation of money in one Vermont town and Peter stated these reports help the Board keep abreast of our budget vs. spending.  Lynn stated she may use a format that is a little different and she plans to e-mail them to members prior to the meetings so they have a chance to review them before hand.




     Scott: Welcomed the new members and encouraged them to “speak their minds”.  He stated that the past year was difficult with a lot of controversy over the garage fire and TH#3.


     The next scheduled meeting will be on April 9, 2007 at the school.


     Motion by Scott/Jamie to adjourn.  All members voted in favor/meeting adjourned at 10:02 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Barbara M. Varin

March 20, 2007

NOTE: These minutes are not official until approved by the Selectboard at their next regular meeting which is presently scheduled for April 9, 2007.  These minutes were approved by the SB at their April 9, 2007 meeting.  

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