MONDAY, JULY 9, 2007, AT 7:00 P. M.

                                                 FRANKLIN CENTRAL SCHOOL



PRESENT:   Peter Kittell, Scott Choiniere, Wayne Fiske, Jamie Boudreau, Lynn Paradis and Sue Clark, Franklin Town Clerk.


     Peter called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.




     Computers: Sue informed the Selectboard that the town’s computers have had their virus protection upgraded, gotten a new e-mail server and DSL added to the Listers’ and Treasurer’s computers.  She advised this was done on less than half of the allocated budget.  She stated they would next like to contract with NEMRIC for automatic daily back-up of their files which costs about $500 a year.  She stated as soon as the upgrades to the school computers are done, they will share with the school.  She explained that everything is backed up daily and stored down there.  In the event of a disaster, within twelve hours, they will bring up a backup computer and have us back in business.


     Recording Fees: Sue advised that effective July l, 2007, the State raised the recording fee from $7 to $8.  Right now, the Town of Franklin receives $1 of this fee which is put into the restoration fund.  We now have the option of taking the extra dollar and putting it into fund towards the anticipated computerization of land records.  Discussion was held on the computerization of these records.  Sue informed the Board that it is not something that will happen immediately,  but it should happen in the next couple of years.  Peter questioned how much yearly goes into the restoration file and Sue replied between $1,500 and $2,000.   Sue further informed the Board that once the land records are computerized, local attorneys will subscribe to the site and will be able to access and research land records by computer from their offices.  The town would receive a portion of the subscription fee based upon the number of searches of Franklin records.  She also advised that once a book is filled, it will have been scanned and they microfilm it just like we are now required to do.  She also noted that the cost would be less to us than what we presently pay.  Sue advised that she recommends that the Board move to set these funds aside as it will happen in the near future and we will have some funds set aside for it.  Motion made by Lynn/Scott that the extra $1 fee be set aside for the purpose of computerization of land records.  Peter asked if there was further discussion and there was none.  All members voted in favor/motion passed.


     Driveway Permits: Sue informed the Board that Tim Sargeant came in to pick up a driveway permit to do a 911 address and he wanted to make the Board aware that driveway permits should be issued for every driveway even where an existing access/driveway already exists.  He feels that Howard should be checking existing ones as far as distances, need for culvert, etc.  Motion



by Scott/Wayne that a driveway permit be required in all cases, even when there is an existing driveway/access.  All members voted in favor/motion passed.  It was noted this should be made part of the road policy.


     Meeting: Sue asked that the Board consider having a second meeting this month.  The fourth Monday would be on July 30th.  She stated that the tax rate has to be set.  She advised that Lisa does not have the information from the State yet and she tries to get the bills out that week so it would work out fine.


     Septic Delegation: Sue advised that paperwork has been sent in to Wastewater Management.  Apparently, their legal department has not yet gone over everything.  Board needs to approve or amend the contract with Bruce Douglas as they (the State)  will be looking for an approved contract with the consultant.  Board must decide on whether they want to approve the 20 days invoice requested by Mr. Douglas or negotiate more than 20 days since the Board usually meets once a month.  She noted that the Board may want to authorize Lisa to pay the invoices if the Board has not met.   Sue  provided each member via e-mail a copy of the proposed fee schedule and a list of the exemptions that the Board must either allow or disallow.  Sue stated she still doesn’t understand how to amend the sewage ordinance.  Peter asked members if they had any problems with the contract.  Scott commented that  there wasn’t anything big that “jumped out”.


     Discussion was held on septic procedures - test pits/perc tests will be first and the charge for that is separate from the septic permit application fee.  Then the applicant will have an engineer

develop the septic plan.  The permit application will be obtained from the Town Clerk’s office and they will pay the fees.  A PIN number will be obtained from the State and the application form and septic plan will go to the consultant for review.  Should there be any major problem requiring changes, then the permit would not be issued and a new application process will be required.  It was noted that those cases should be very rare.  Jamie questioned whether the consultant would correct whatever is wrong with the plan and Peter stated he would assume that would depend upon how big the problem is.  If a major redesign is required, then there would be additional fees incurred by the applicant.  Right now, the septic fee is set at $285 which does not include the perc test.  It does include the consultant’s fee and clerical fees for both the consultant and town.  The total cost for a septic permit including perc tests and the actual permit would cost an applicant about $320.  It was noted that the State will require us to review the fee schedule at the end of a year to see if we need to adjust it.  The intent is for the fee to cover the actual cost, not for the town to make money.  It was also noted that two sets of files will have to be made for each permit application.  Sue expressed her concern that our septic fee will not be adequate if we get into a large subdivision.  She noted that the rules are very different when you get into a large multiple lot subdivision.  It will depend a lot on what the Planning Commission requires.


     The Board thanked Sue and she exited the meeting.




     John Ho and Stephanie Dewing entered the meeting.  They informed the Board that they will be building on a lot on the Dewing Road and will need to bore under the road for utilities (electric and telephone).  They provided the Board with a diagram of the proposed project.  Wayne asked them if there is a date for the project and Mr. Ho stated that they plan on the house in Mid-August so it will be between now and then.   They haven’t established a time line yet, but it will be in the near future.  Discussion was held on the depth they will place the lines; the fact that they will be put in a sleeve in case they need to be worked on and the fact that they will be going under the road at a depth of about six feet and not tearing up the newly paved road.  Motion was made by Wayne/Jamie to approve a permit for this project.  Peter asked if there was any further discussion and there was none.  All members voted in favor/motion passed.   Wayne requested that he be notified before the work is begun and they agreed to that stipulation.   The Board thanked Mr. Ho and Ms. Dewing and they exited the meeting.




     Motion by Scott/Jamie to approve the minutes of the June 11, 2007 meeting.  Peter asked if there was any discussion or changes and there were none.  All members voted in favor/minutes approved as presented.




     Reviewed and signed.




     Involved parties did not show up.  It was noted there has been a complaint about this dog each year for the past several years.  Jamie advised that he went down there last year, but only spoke to them by phone about the latest complaint.  They were told the dog must be kept confined to their yard.  Peter also wrote a letter.  Jamie will make contact with them again regarding this animal.




     TH#3: Scott advised that there are a lot of stones in the road right above the intersection.  They appear to be washing into the road from both sides.  Wayne stated it might be necessary to get the sweeper over there. 


     Old Garage:   Tom Patterson has been hired to remove the old garage.  He needs to sign the contract and provide a certificate of insurance.   The lean to will be salvaged by the town and rebuilt along side of the new salt shed .  It will then be used for cold storage.   We will need to give Tom a time frame for removal of the lean to.  Peter, Wayne and Scott indicated they would all be willing to help out.  Scott stated the Fire Department is going to move their barbecue pit which is located out behind the school closer to the woods and they will be purchasing some stone to put under the pit.  They may be willing to help with dismantling of the lean to in exchange for trucking of the stone to the area behind the school.  Scott will contact them to see what he can set up. 


     Roads: Wayne advised that the road crew has been working on the Barnum Road.  They will be putting some fabric down.  Discussion was held on putting down three or four inches of sand above and below the fabric.  Peter explained that was originally the recommendation for laying the fabric and then they got away from it, but now are coming back to it.  It prevents stones from going through the fabric.  Work on this road expected to be finished by next week.  Discussion was held on the work  recently done on the Messier Road.


     Septic Delegation: There are three things the Board must act upon tonight.  The Bruce Douglas contract; the fee schedule; and, the exemptions we want to allow.


     Exemptions: Peter advised there are really two sets of exemptions, the ones prior to July 1, 2007 and those after July 1, 2007.  He noted that Franklin never accepted  the exemptions prior to July 1, 2007.  Of those following July 1, 2007, one is questionable -  number eight which deals with all seasonal dwellings automatically becoming year round dwellings.  The Board again expressed its concern over this happening with no controls over septic systems.  Discussion was held on the fact that many camps do not have proper septic systems and the impact this is having upon the lake. Peter informed members that there is a copy of a letter in the Selectboard folder that Northwest Regional Planning wrote to the State Agency of Natural Resources opposing the plan to allow all seasonal dwellings to become year round dwellings for the very same concerns we have expressed.   It is felt that camps seeking a change from seasonal to a year round residences must have a proven working septic system and portable water source.  Motion made by Scott/Lynn that we not accept the exemptions prior to July 1, 2007 and that we accept the exemptions after July 1, 2007 with the exception of number eight dealing with seasonal to year round dwellings.  Peter asked for further discussion and there was none.  All members voted in favor/motion passed.


     Fee Schedule: Motion by Lynn/Scott to approve the revised fee schedule.  Peter asked for discussion and there was none.  All members voted in favor/motion passed.


     Bruce Douglas Contract: Members all had the opportunity to review the contract.  Scott expressed his concern that there is no clause in it to protect us should Mr. Douglas decide he no longer wanted to work with our septic program.  He stated there is usually a clause that says the contract will remain in force until either party gives a written 60 day notice they wish to void it.  The 20 day payment clause was also discussed again.  It was suggested that Mr. Douglas submit his invoice at the end of each month and that would allow the Board to review and approve payment within the 20 days time frame.  Peter will discuss the proposed changes with Mr. Douglas.  Motion by Scott/Lynn to approve the contract with these additions.  All members voted in favor/motion passed.



     Backroads Grant: Wayne advised that he spoke with Jared Becker  regarding the grant for the Swamp Road ditch.  Wayne explained to him that this was a long-term solution.  In any event, the grant application has been re-submitted, but we will not receive a decision until September.  Since it is so late in the year, we will probably not get the money until next year.


     Dewing Shore: Peter advised that he also would like to speak with him as Chris O’Shea was notified that we did not receive the grant for the Dewing Shore.  He explained the permit system required to do that work and the fact that it can only be done during a short time period from September to December. 


     Weed Harvester: Wayne/Peter informed the Board that the Weed Harvester operator has resigned.  Another candidate identified and Wayne will arrange for Ron to teach him “the ropes”.


     Transportation Meeting: Scott informed Jamie that the meeting will be Thursday night and Scott will show Jamie where to go. 




     Letter of Complaint: Received from residents of Towle Neighborhood Road.  Road crew recently had to replace a failed culvert and the residents want similar work and ditching done on their property.  Board discussed the work done and that the road crew simply  replaced a failed culvert in the town right-of-way.  It was also noted that we have no funds in the budget this year for ditching.  Peter will make written response.


     Zoning Administrator:   Peter informed the Board that several violations have been identified and the Zoning Administrator is in the process of writing letters.  Most of the violations are minor and were done without a permit, but there may be one or two more serious violations.  Discussion was held on outgoing town correspondence and it was decided that all outgoing correspondence would be reviewed and approved by two Selectboard members  before it is sent.  Scott requested that copies of all correspondence be sent to all Board members so that they all remain “in the loop” and that will be done.  However,  Peter and Lynn will be responsible for final approval before correspondence is mailed.


     ZBA: To meet on the application for the already built snack bar/apartment where the old bowling alley used to be at the lake.  It was noted that there is a State permit for water and septic, but they never obtained a building permit for the snack bar or the apartment above it.   Jamie noted that the building didn’t go up overnight and Bob should have been aware that it was being built and some type of cease work order issued.  The ZBA will meet July 25, 2007 at 7:15 p.m. in the Haston Library.   Peter requested that the Board authorize funds for legal fees so that the ZBA has the opportunity to discuss this matter with the town attorney.   All members agreed.


     Correspondence: Copy of letter from Northwest Regional Planning to ANR expressing opposition to automatic change in designation of seasonal dwellings to year round dwellings.


     Survey: FEMA survey regarding flood plain.  Peter noted we complete this survey every couple of years.  Board authorized Peter to complete and sign the survey.


     Dog Complaint: Correspondence in folder.  Owners were supposed to come in tonight for hearing, but no one came in.  Jamie will call them again and should there be any further problem with this dog, it will be picked up.


     Driveway Permit: Request for property on Scott Road.   Reviewed by Howard who indicates a culvert is needed, but there is  no information about the size of culvert.  Matter tabled until information on the size of the culvert is obtained.


     Minutes of November 13th Meeting:   Peter advised that Polly contacted him regarding a correction to these minutes.  They are already on the website and need to be corrected.


     Correspondence: From Town Attorney acknowledging receipt of materials regarding upcoming appeal of ZBA decision.


     Grant: Funds available for Planning Commission grants.  Paperwork given to Jamie who will see that the Planning Commission get it.


     Correspondence: From Agency of Transportation regarding Hubbard Subdivision.


     Polly Gadbois entered the meeting.   She stated she had just come from a Rescue Meeting and asked the Board for a few minutes.


     Minutes: Polly discussed the November 13, 2006 and February 12, 2007 minutes with the Board.  She was informed that the Board had already discussed the November 13, 2006 minutes.  She stated she received a phone call about those minutes and where the cutting of trees is mentioned, it should read Fred Cooper instead of Richard Cooper.  Also, the February 12, 2007 minutes on the website are not the approved version of the minutes. The minutes that were forwarded to Janet to be put on the website did not include the corrections/revisions made by the Selectboard.     The Board agreed and asked that  Polly see that corrected versions of both sets of minutes are forwarded to Janet for the website.


     Diesel Hose: Rescue has been having a problem with the diesel nozzle at the garage.   Wayne informed her that the problem was fixed today.


     Hedge: Location of hedge between municipal parking lot and Apple Tree Lane discussed.


     Fuel: Polly informed the Board that Rescue had already contracted with Ultramar before they realized that Blouin was awarded the bid this year.  Membership has asked that they be allowed to honor that contract.   After discussion, it was decided that Polly would go back to Rescue and inform them that there could be a potential problem and they may not be allowed to be included in future fuel/diesel contracts.  Polly feels they can get a refund.


     Planning Commission Minutes:   Polly stated she read in the minutes to the recent Planning Commission meeting that the Selectboard had been receiving reports from the Zoning Administrator for some time and that was not true when she sat on the Selectboard.  She was told that recently Bob has been sending a report on permits and things that are being done.  She was also told that all town correspondence will now be reviewed by two Selectboard members (Peter and Lynn) for approval before anything is mailed out. 


     Polly thanked the Board and she exited the meeting.




     To be held July 30, 2007 at 7:00 p.m. at the School.




     Peter asked Wayne if he’d had the opportunity to look around for a site to locate the salt shed.  Discussion as held on additional tiles that might be needed and moving of the piles of dirt, one of which is on Dick Wright Ford property. 


     Motion to adjourn made by Scott/Jamie.  All members voted in favor.  Meeting adjourned at 10:30 p.m.


                                                                        Respectfully submitted,



July 11, 2007                                                   Barbara M. Varin

Note: These minutes are not official until approved by the Selectboard at their next regularly scheduled meeting which is July 30, 2007.   Note: These minutes were approved by the Selectboard at their July 30, 2007 meeting.

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