JANUARY 8, 2007 AT 7:00 P.M.



PRESENT:  Polly Gadbois, Peter Kittell, Scott Choiniere, Kim Gates Maynard, and Sue Clark-Town Clerk


Polly Gadbois called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m.



·       Sue reported health insurance co-pays for the school personnel.

·       Sue checked with the board as to the location of town meeting.  It will be at the Franklin Elementary School


MINUTES OF MEETINGS:  Kim/Peter made the motion to approve the minutes of December 11, 2006.  All members voted in favor, minutes approved as written.  Scott/Kim made the motion to approve the minutes of January 4, 2007.  All members voted in favor, minutes approved as written.


ORDERS & BILLS:  The bills were approved and the orders were signed.  Polly provided a change order for approval on the town garage rebuild.


BUDGET: The board reviewed the budget proposal with explanations of three of the highest increases.  A budget narrative will accompany the budget in the town report.  The board feels that any new equipment (tools) for the garage should be paid for out of the insurance received for that category.  Peter will check into a self-contained fuel tank from Ultramar.  If there are to be articles in the warning to decide what to do with the old garage, cost estimates are needed.  Polly will investigate salt shed grant money.


Peter discussed changing the personnel policy on health insurance for future hires.  All employees would be grandfathered but should we only offer new hires a two-person policy? 


Polly circulated the information on a company out of North Hero that maintains websites.


Justin Rainville and Howard Deuso, representing Franklin Fire Department, entered the meeting.  They explained the reasons for the new repeater and signing on with central dispatch.  The annual cost will be around $5,000 which they would like the town to add to their budget.


The board asked about the resurfacing of the pavement in front of the fire station.  Howard responded that they overspent money on the tanker and therefore will be short of funds this year.


Scott/Peter made the motion to put a separate item in the warning for town meeting to appropriate $4,600 for Franklin Emergency Services to contract with Central Dispatch.  Vote:  Scott-yes, Polly-yes, Peter-yes, Kim-did not vote.  Motion passed.


The board discussed the pros and cons of going back to a three member board in 2007.  Kim made the motion to add an article to the warning for town meeting to go back to a three-member selectboard.  Peter seconded the motion.  Vote:  Kim-yes, Scott-no, Polly-no, Peter-did not vote.  Motion failed



PLANNING COMMISSION VACANCY:  Kim/Scott made the motion to nominate Greg Bouchard to the Planning Commission to fulfill the unexpired term of Jay Denault.

Unanimous approval, motion passed.


OLD BUSINESS:  Peter reported that he gave the board’s proposal to David Tremblay to remedy the road dispute with Richard Noel.  There has been no response.   






TOWN GARAGE UPDATE:  Polly brought the board up to date on the progress of the new garage.  They discussed what items were left to be purchased.  The unspent money for the rebuild will be accrued as a liability for 2007.


ROADS:  There was an issue about cutting trees by George Godin’s property.  The board agreed that they have a policy to notify the landowner 30 days in advance.  They agreed not to cut the trees.




Next regular meeting February 12, 2007.  Next proposed budget meeting January 23, 2007 at the Town Clerk’s Office.  Suggested Open House at the new Town Garage, January 27, 2007.


Respectfully, Susan E. Clark

Dated: January 10, 2007

These minutes are not official until accepted at the next regular meeting.  These minutes approved on February 12, 2007

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