JANUARY 25, 2007 AT 7:00 P.M.



PRESENT:  Polly Gadbois, Peter Kittell, Wayne Fiske, Scott Choiniere, Kim Gates-Maynard, Sue Clark-Town Clerk, Guests:  Doug Clark, Rick Coleman; Auditors:  Chris Vaillancourt, Michelle Guillmette, and David Breed


Polly Gadbois called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.


Three late letters of request were presented to the board.  Since they did not meet the requirements set forth in the selectboard’s policy, they were denied addition to the budget.


The selectboard presented two articles for the warning.  Mr. Clark asked what the board would do to the old town garage for $35,000?  Polly listed the three options the board was considering.  Mr. Clark said the board had convinced the taxpayers that the old garage was so damaged that they could not fix it and had to put up a new garage.  The board was looking at three options:  Repair the whole garage and use it for a salt shed and storage; repair only half the structure and use it for a salt shed and storage; remove the entire structure and build a salt shed.


Mr. Clark questioned the purpose of the $4,600 article.  Polly stated that Central Dispatch would take over dispatching emergency service calls in Franklin. 


Polly pointed out the major changes in the 2007 budget:

·       No paving planned

·       Guardrails for Morses Line Road

·       Increase in gravel budget due to eliminating new paving.

·       Increase in equipment fund for possibly replacing 1998 plow truck.

·       Increase in fuel prices.

·       Premium increase in health insurance and employee plan change.


Several changes were made to the selectboard’s report.


A petition was presented to be included in the warning.  The petition calls for the impeachment of President Bush.  Peter/Wayne made the motion not to include this petition in the warning as he believed it was not pertinent to town government.  All in favor, motion passed.


A second petition was presented to be included in the warning.  The petition is to return to a three member selectboard.  Scott/Kim made the motion to accept this petition for the warning.  After discussing the advantages and disadvantages of the change, four members voted yes and one abstained.  Motion passed.


Scott/Wayne made the motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:15 p.m.  All in favor, motion passed.


Respectfully, Susan E. Clark

February 2, 2007

These minutes are not official until approved at the next meeting – February 12, 2007. 

These minutes were approved at the meeting of February 12, 2007.

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