TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 2007, AT 7:00 P. M.




PRESENT:   Richard Gadbois, David Lucey, Dan Larivee, John Giroux, Greg Bouchard, Bill Mayo and Doug Clark.


     Dick called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m.


STATE PERMITS:    Doug Clark handed Dick two State approved Wastewater and Potable Water Supply permits which were received by the Town Clerk.   Doug expressed his concern that if these are something the Planning Commission needs to act upon they should have been given to us prior to this meeting.   Dick informed members that the first was for a two lot (one lot plus the mother lot) subdivision of Dennis and Diane Sartwell and the second for a four lot (three lots plus the mother lot) subdivision of James and Rona Messier.  Since the first permit involves only one lot in addition to the mother lot, it does not fall under the Planning Commission.  The Messier subdivision, however, involves three lots in addition to the mother lot and should have first been approved by the Planning Commission.  Members expressed their concern that we will find ourselves in another situation similar to that with the LaRose subdivision.  Concern was expressed  that the Zoning Administrator may have approved another subdivision despite the motion made by the Planning Commission and the fact that the Selectboard has ruled that we will count the mother lot.   David noted that if the Zoning Administrator had approved another subdivision before the motions by the Planning Commission and Selectboard then he should have communicated that fact to the Planning Commission.  Dick asked that Bill Mayo speak with Bob Irish regarding this permit and get back to Dick.  Dick, in turn, will let all members know what is going on.


     Discussion was held on our subdivision regulations.  Approval for subdivisions fell to the Planning Commission under the 2002 subdivision regulation.  Prior to that subdivision approvals were done by the Zoning Board of Adjustment.  The Columb subdivision was done by the ZBA and the first one the Planning Commission was involved with was the Hubbard Subdivision.  Since there has been very little subdivision activity, no precedent was ever set.   


     It was noted there is now a wastewater permit in place for both these subdivisions, but we have never heard from them.  It was noted that it is one thing to make a mistake, but the Zoning Administrator sat right at the meeting where the Planning Commission passed a motion that the mother lot would be counted and  these subdivisions should first come to the Planning Commission.


     Discussion was held on whether rights-of-way would be required and Greg noted that on the Messier Road there appears to be three lots for sale with road frontage so it appears no rights-of-way would be involved. 

     Bill Mayo shared with members a recent conversation he had with Bob Irish regarding subdividing of lots and subsequent requests for building permits.  Bill recommended to him that he come to the Planning Commission for guidance.




     Motion by David/Dan to approve the minutes.  Dick asked if there was any discussion and there was none.  All members voted in favor/minutes approved as presented.




     Dick asked members if they wanted to have a regular meeting in December.  It was noted that the Commission has had a very busy year with one and sometimes two monthly meetings, seminars and no summer break.  Members agreed the Commission would not meet during December unless something requiring immediate attention comes up.   Dick informed members that should something like that occur, he will contact members via e-mail. 




     Discussion was held on the Subdivision Ordinance.  Dick stated that unlike the Town Plan, the ordinance does not expire.  State mandated changes which took effect July 1, 2006 will automatically be incorporated into our ordinance.  After discussing the results of the work done on the Town Plan and what was modified by the Selectboard, the Planning Commission decided it would do no further revisions to the Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances.  Bill Mayo stated he feels we should add clarification to the ordinance to ensure that there is no further misunderstanding and ensure that the “mother lot” is counted. 




     Seminar on Septic Ordinance: Dan Larivee and Doug Clark briefly outlined what they learned at a seminar regarding the new septic regulations which they recently attended in Georgia.  They informed Commission members that they learned why the State discourages the use of holding tanks - it seems some people were abusing it by using sump pumps to pump the sewage out into wooded areas instead of properly disposing of it.  It was also noted that the State no longer requires septic systems that can handle a minimum of three bedrooms.  However, if you want to add onto your home,  you will need to prove that you have a septic system that will handle the number of bedrooms.  They noted that Roger Thompson conducted the seminar and that he is very knowledgeable on the State septic regulations.






     Motion made by David/Bill to adjourn. All members voted in favor/meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.


                                                                        Respectfully submitted,



November 26, 2007                                                                            Barbara M. Varin


NOTE: These minutes are not final until approved by the Planning Commission at their next regular meeting which is presently scheduled for January 15, 2008.  Note: These minutes were approved by the Planning Commission at their January 15, 2008 meeting.

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