Franklin Recreation Meeting February 27, 2019



Participants: Bridget Thompson, Bridgette Favreau, Stacy Godin, Stephanie Ho, Dawn Fournier, Melissa Davis, Jacey Dennett



Bridget called the meeting to order at 6:11 p.m..


Public Comment

        Stephanie shared about the Regional Rec Meeting on February 13. The topic was how to use media to promote activities. A member of Saint Albans recreation stated that getting was the best decision they made over last 12 years and that it was like having an extra employee. 

        The town tree decorations have been removed, but the tree is frozen in its stand. 

        Bridget shared a list of Franklin Recreation’s sponsors and silent auction donors with the Franklin playground committee.

        Basketball pictures are in and will be sent home from school.

        Shawn Rouleau approached Bridget about a pavillion that his class built for someone that may no longer have a need for it.  He wondered if Franklin Rec would like to purchase it for $4000. Franklin Rec’s main focus is getting a playground built at the ball fields, so this is an unlikely purchase.

        Stacy proposed a Pie for Breakfast fundraiser.


Library Updates

Franklin Recreation and the library are looking for ways to better work together in terms of scheduling and hosting events. 


Rec Director Updates



Approve Meeting Minutes

Bridgette motioned to approve the meeting minutes from January 28. Stacy seconded. The motion passed.


Treasurer’s Report

        Warrants were signed for:

        Winter carnival supplies (Stephanie) $55.32.

        Pickleball tape (Bridget) $41.80

        Winter carnival gear (Grizzly Graphics) $212 (this was expensed to miscellaneous, Bridgette will ask that it be moved to the winter carnival)

        Bridgette submitted a receipt for winter carnival door prizes $44

        The winter carnival silent auction brought in $506

        Bridget spoke with Drummac about the port-o-let. There will be no charges past October 2018. The port-o-let will remain until spring. The price will increase to about $115 per month for the spring/summer. 

Stephanie motioned to approve this report. Stacy seconded. The motion passed.



Winter Carnival: Saturday, February 2 from 2:00 - 6:00 p.m..

Overall, the carnival was fun. Points discussed included:

        Numbers were lower than past years. 

        Very few people have utilized the snowshoes the past two years.  A specific snowshoe event may encourage use. 

        No one did the craft.

        Consider adding a parent-child dance after dinner.

        Add a space designated for infants and toddlers. Have a changing pad for families with small children.

        Give people participating in the silent auction numbers to use for bidding.

        Approximately ten people entered the chilli/chowder cook-off.


Spring Paint and Sip:   Courtney Vining has agreed to teach a spring themed paint and sip on April 13.  The picture size will be 11”x14”.  Location and time are TBD.




        Fridays 7:00 - 9:00 p.m., now over

        Participation ranged from 4-12 players 

        Participants would like to continue

        Will try to pick back up in summer and play outside

        There is a court near the school parking lot



        Thursdays from 3:00 - 5:00 p.m..

        Donna Blouin is coordinating all sign ups, but recently informed us that there is another group playing on Friday nights that she is not coordinating. Bridget will follow up with Donna and the Town Clerk to gather more details.  

        The trial period was through February, but players would like to continue. 

        Bridgette motioned to suggest a $2 donation per player per session starting in March to help cover the cost of tape for the court, which will be an ongoing expense.  Stacy seconded. The motion passed. 

        Bridget will coordinate with Donna. 



Little League: (moved up in the agenda)

        Participation Numbers:

        Boys Majors - 10

        Boys Minors - 12

        Boys Farm - 9

        Girls Majors - 11

        Girls Minors- 8

        Girls Farm - 4

        Tball - 15

        Volunteers  by level:

        Boys majors - Artie Davis, Melissa Davis, Corey Bertrand, Laura Sherman, Annie Wagner, Aaron Porter(?)

        Boys minors - Jon Godin

        Boys farm - Chris Billado, Steve Splonskowski, Devin Bachelder

        Girls majors - Sarah Gates, Bridgette Favreau

        Girls minors - Bridget Thomson, Stacy Godin, Meagan Kobelt, Christina Hogle, Annie Wagner

        Girls farm - None

        Tball - Stephanie Ho, Sam and Jenessa Gervais, Ashley and Devin Bachelder

        Boys Majors Discussion

        Corey Bertrand sent an email stating he would like to be the head coach.

        Melissa stated that Aaron Porter would like to help coach the team. Dawn will follow up with Aaron.

        A family from Highgate has requested that their child play on the Franklin team. This decision will be left up the the NWLL board.

        Due to the large amount of volunteers to help with this team, further discussion is needed before finalizing this year’s coach roster.

        Evaluations will be at MVU on March 17

        Majors on March 17 - girls 3-4:30 - boys 4:30-6

        Minors on March 24 - girls 3-4:30 - boys 4:30-6

        Pitching Clinics

        Stacy will ask Jon Godin if he would like to run a boys pitching clinic

        Bridgette will ask Sarah Gates if she would like to run a girls pitching clinic 

        A Clinic at the Highgate Arena will be held on April 6 for major and minor team players

        10am-12pm for girls

        12pm-2pm for boys

        There will be a NWLL coaches meeting, date and location TBD.

        A Franklin coaches meeting will be scheduled for a date after the NWLL coaches meeting.   



        A request was made to schedule only one game per week for the 3-4 teams next year.  This will allow the teams more time to practice without overwhelming the players. 

        The 5-6 teams will still have two games a week.


Town Meeting Planning

Bridget will update the display used last year. 



Franklin Rec will apply for the RiseVT minigrant again this year. 


The meeting was adjourned at 8:57 p.m.. 


The next meeting will  be on Tuesday, March 12 at 7:00 p.m. at the Franklin Central School.