Franklin Planning Commission

May 21, 2019

Town Clerk Office


Members Present: Dan Larivee, Rolland Rainville, Clark Hubbard, Chairman, Sam Gervais.


Guests: Guy Demag Sr., Mike Gervais, Mark Stanley, Sean Stanley


Meeting called to order at 7:32.


Approval of Minutes: Dan made a motion to approve the April minutes, seconded by Rolland.   All approved the motion. 


New Business: Clark advised of the hearing request from Mark St. Pierre for a sketch plan review & approval of a 4 lot subdivision on Colton Rd.  Clark asked for the interested parties to introduce themselves; Michael Gervais is the surveyor and septic designer for this project.  It will be for three building lots and the remainder (4th lot) will remain ag use.  Mike advised there is some wetland and they have applied for and gotten a State wetland permit.  They have received wastewater permits as well.  Lot 1 has a small area of the 50’ buffer impacts of the wetland; lot 2 has buffer impacts as well as a small wetlands impact; lot 3 has wetlands impacts; these two lots have driveways that run through the wetlands, there are required to install three culverts under the driveways to connect the wetlands and has more connectivity.  Guy Demag asks if there will be mound systems on these lots, Mike answered yes they are all mounds.  All of the edges of wetlands will be marked with boulders and fencing as required per the State permits to be clear that the houses are outside of the wetland.  Driveways have to be installed within 5 years or they have to renew the wetland permits.  All the lots meet the size requirements for frontage and acreage.  Lot 1 is 2.59 acres; Lot 2 is 6.66 acres; Lot 3 is 2.4 acres, the remaining lands will be 31 acres. Clark asks how they will get onto the remaining acres, Mike advised on the upper end to the north of the property there is a current farm entry and they have kept a 50 ft wide access to the southern end of the property for logging or activities.  Clarks asks Mike to point out the proposed well sites.  All the house sites are set to where they are due to the wetlands restrictions.  Rolland asks if Mike has the wetland permit, he only has the plan with him, not the permit.  Rolland asked if they went through the Army Corp; Mike advised did not have to because the impact is less than 3000 sq ft.  Clark asks for an explanation; Mike advised the driveways are less than 3000 sq ft of impacts to the wetland.  Guy Demag asked if these are across the road from Mark Stanley’s sap shed; Mike advised they are.  Guy advised he owns 700 ft of road frontage on Stanley Rd at the edge of this land.  Mike did not survey lot 4 of 31 acres, there are no plans at this time to do anything with this lot, there is a lot of wetlands on this lot.  Discussed isolation zones of wells and septics that infringe on nearby properties.  Mark Stanley advised he has an existing spring supplying water that is used in the sap shed.  Mike asked if he had a state permit for this potable water source.  Mike advised the isolation zones are to not run into situations like this; when he and Mark met previously the spring was mentioned but not taken into consideration.  Discussed where the sap shed is in proximity to the plans being reviewed.  The spring is 30-40 ft behind the sap shed, the proposed septic is over 300 ft from the spring with tiles in the ground.  The wetland and wastewater permits have been approved by the State; the Stanley spring does not have a permit.  Clark states that ag activities do not need a permit, so the spring may not need a permit as do any other ag buildings.  Mark Stanley is not ok with the lower lot closest to his property due to the septic setbacks in proximity to his spring used for food grade potable water.  The town does not have a say in wastewater any longer, but can police other concerns of the abutters and the board.  The board wants to do a sight visit of the property before the next meeting to view the boundaries and location of driveways, septics, and houses.  Mike will also attend to do a visit with the board; they will meet on Saturday, May 25th at 8 am next to the Stanley sap shed.  All guests left the meeting


Old Business: None


Public Comments: No public comments.


Clark made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:49 pm, seconded by Rolland.  All members approved the motion. 


The next regular meeting of the Franklin Planning Commission will be held on June 18, 2019 at the Franklin Town Clerk Office.


Respectfully Submitted,

Lisa Larivee, Acting Secretary

May 24, 2019


Minutes are not final until approved by the Planning Commission at the next regular meeting.