Franklin Planning Commission

July 16, 2019

Town Clerk’s Office


Members Present: Clark Hubbard, Sam Gervais, Rolland Rainville, Dave Bennion, Dan Larivee




Meeting called to order at: 7:41 pm


Approval of Minutes: Rolland moved to approve the minutes from June, 2019.Dave seconded the motion.   All approved the minutes.


Old Business: The PC reviewed the requirements for Mark St. Pierre’s subdivision.  Jeremy Barnum stated that there needs to be a culvert placed and a permit was requested.  Clark signed off on the mylar  plan for the proposed subdivision.  The PC approved the sign off of the mylar plan. 


New Business: The PC discussed making an amendment to the Development regulations regarding subdivision proposals.  Rolland would like the PC to see all building proposals as well.  Dan agrees that the PC would like to see them all. 

With regards to subdivisions, the amendment will read:  All subdivisions will get the initial approval from the Zoning Administrator.  The final approval for all subdivisions will be made by the Planning Commission.  Dave made a motion to make the change, Rolland seconded the motion.  There was a brief discussion, and all approved the motion. 

The motion will be forwarded to the Selectboard for them to discuss at their July meeting. 


Comments:  Sam asked if voting for proposals can be done in Executive Session, or do they need to be public.  Clark said that if a PC member requests an Executive Session, it can be done. 

Clark discussed an issue regarding the assistance that the Town Highway crew provided to the Fire Department.  The assistance was helping roll out hoses, getting equipment.  The employees were not doing anything that was putting them in danger.  Clark wondered if the Selectboard would allow them to assist the Fire Department in an assistance capacity while they are working if the FD was extremely shorthanded.  Dave said he will bring the question up to the Selectboard. 


Clark made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:20 pm.  Dan seconded the motion.  All approved the motion. The meeting adjourned the meeting at 8:20.


The next regular meeting of the Planning Commission will be held August 20, 2019.  


Respectfully Submitted,

Maureen Sodaro, Secretary

July 16, 2019